Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool that allows our students and teachers to communicate and learn together in a virtual environment. Teachers can provide real time instruction, facilitate class activities and discussions, and engage students in learning from a distance. Students can access their class meets from their Google Classroom.

Google Meet Expectations


Tips on Camera and Mic Use

Sometimes the environment we are in may not be as quiet or distraction-free as we would like. No worries! With virtual learning, we are learning in environments that were meant for living, not necessarily learning.

Noisy surroundings? No problem! Simply mute your microphone and respond using the Chat feature instead.

Not up for being on camera? No problem! Turn off your camera. Just make sure you are contributing to class, either through discussion or chat, so the teacher knows you are present and participating.

You can turn off or on your microphone and camera before you even join the meet

I can't get into Classroom or Meet

If you are having trouble getting into Google Classroom or Google Meet, there are a few issues that may be happening.

  • Refresh your page, or restart your device.
  • If you are using a Chromebook, check that you are signed in to the Chromebook with your email address. 
  • If you are using a Computer at home like a PC or Mac, make sure you are logged into Chrome with your email address. You can have multiple profiles in Chrome, so it is important to make sure you are using your profile and not logged into any other Google services with any other account on that profile. 
  • In Google Meets, if you are getting an error message that says "you can join when someone lets you in" that means you are not logged in with your account or your teacher hasn't added you to your breakout room yet.

I cannot get into Google Meet Breakout Rooms or I get an error. What do I do?

When using the Google Meet Breakout Room feature a student may get an error about an unsupported device or personal account. What is likely occurring is the student is attempting to use the Google Meet Android App. Currently, Breakout rooms are only supported in the web-based version of Meet.

Still have a question?

Questions regarding access to your Google Meets, Google Classroom, or Otus assignments should first go to your classroom teachers. For all other inquiries please email