Student of the Month


Tanner is an exceptional student in second grade. Tanner has been a hybrid student this year, and he is thriving! His critical thinking and reasoning skills are blooming! He shows an immense amount of perseverance and grit when faced with a challenge. Tanner has made HUGE academic gains as a hybrid student, reflected on his standardized test scores. Tanner completed his tests with integrity and honesty, spending 4-6 hours per test! However, this is not unusual behavior for Tanner; he always takes his time, no matter how much time it takes. He puts forth his best effort and asks questions when he does not understand. He contributes valuable ideas to class discussions and is a great friend to all of his classmates. We are so proud of you Tanner! Keep up the excellent work!

Middle School

Recently in English class, the students were asked to identify and explain a set of standards that they choose to live by. February’s student of the month gave a response that we can all learn from.   Isaac Petoskey’s #5 Rule to Live By:  “Don’t Ever Give Up” Stay determined. Don’t give up when things seem impossible. Because after all, nothing is impossible, just challenging. Keep trying! Never give up!!!! If you try and fail, try, try, and try again! When faced with a situation that seems tough, Work through it and keep going. Life is like a really massive problem, but you can get through it because people believe in you. When you work hard, you can inspire people.” 

Isaac’s rule outlines one reason why he was chosen for student of the month, he demonstrates seriousness and dedication to his studies and, as a result, he has excelled academically.  In English, he is an engaged, passionate reader. It is a joy to see his excitement and hear his analysis of books or other texts.  His writing is thoughtful and demonstrates how deeply he considers a question before creating a response.  I thoroughly enjoy his involvement in our discussions. 

Mr. VanderMeulen states that “There is not a more efficient taskmaster than Isaac. When told what to do, he will work to accomplish any assignment to the best of his abilities. He will show up early to class online and during instructional time, he will be a full participant. He is at the top of the list of those that can be counted on and for that reason, he has earned Mr. VanderMeulen’s respect and support as Student of the Month. 

Mr. Smith added that Isaac is a strong math student who is usually the first one done with any classwork. Occasionally, Mr. Smith takes the opportunity to challenge him with higher-level mathematics concepts because he enjoys learning how to solve problems.  

Isaac is a determined, responsible, student and embodies both the academic and personal strengths of an outstanding representative of this school.  Congratulations Isaac. 

High School

Brooke Duffiney will do amazing things in her lifetime.  She will positively impact many people’s lives. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch her grow into the wonderful person she is today.

We all know that in this life, we are drawn to people. These people enter a room and the atmosphere shifts. As they move throughout the crowd, every person they interact with is left with a smile on their faces, but most importantly in their hearts. 

Brook is very easy to be with. You can talk to her easily, and she’s very friendly and has a huge heart. She is Sympathetic, she thinks about you and how you feel. I find these remarkable qualities for a teen to possess. People don’t feel bad when they are with Brooke. You feel like you can say anything, and she won’t think badly of you. She is non-judgmental. She won’t make you feel bad for something that you think, believe, or do, even if it’s a mistake.

Secondly, Brooke is a great worker. She’s focused and likes to get things done! You can depend on her to go above and beyond without fail.  She’s the perfect candidate for any job which is why she is Design Editor in our Photojournalism class, class president, and actively involved in so many clubs. She can think quickly and intelligently. She is patient and can accept difficult situations without getting angry.  Brooke is smart, intelligent, resourceful, and proactive.

To be a good worker, you have to be good at managing change. When things change, Brooke can change with them, without causing stress. She is laid-back. She’s very relaxed about everything, even when she is rocking it out of the park on her assignments. I know she is putting tons of time into all her work, but she makes it appear effortless because she keeps calm and goes about her job in an easy-going way.  
This is what brings me to my final grouping of adjectives that describe Brooke. She is a leader.  

Brooke is the person we know who will probably become successful. She knows what she wants in life, and she has the power to take it! She is ambitious and has very high targets for herself in life. These are self-driven goals and this is what makes her so determined and passionate for all the amazing accomplishments she achieves. She doesn’t quit, even when things get hard and she believes in her work and her success on an emotional level.  

I could go on longer, but I know we have a board meeting to continue. In closing, I want to thank you all for being here to celebrate this incredible woman and I want to personally thank Brooke for being such an amazing student to teach. It is students like this that fill my heart to the brim with pride for being a Northport Wildcat.