Student of the Month


James Hoskins has been chosen as our Elementary Student of the Month for May. James stands out among his peers in our 3rd-grade classroom. He is driven to excel in school in everything he does. James participates thoughtfully in class discussions and always asks questions to strengthen his understanding of what is being taught. He is inquisitive beyond measure and always wants to know more about what is being taught, and the why behind it. He takes challenges head-on and is always willing to push himself with enrichment work that is provided in the classroom. James is not only a deep thinker, but he has a great sense of humor and a witty personality. He shows integrity in everything he does. I am proud to recognize James with the honor of being chosen student of the month for the elementary. You are so deserving of this award, James! Congratulations!

Middle School

Maycie TwoCrow is the middle school student of the month! As the year progresses, Maycie has put in time and effort to become more confident in her math skills. She shows persistence and skills through challenging work and advocates if she is stuck on a problem. She is kind to her classmates and can easily work with anyone in group settings. Maycie is always on task during band. She arrives to class on time each day and immediately puts her instrument together and starts practicing her lessons. She is always respectful to those around her and has a calm and quiet personality that speaks clearly when she has a question or concern. Maycie makes it a point each day to do her very best. 

High School

Brooke Duffiney stands out as a student who is goal-focused and can be counted on to manage her responsibilities and advocate for her own learning. Her desire to help students improve their self-esteem and make healthy choices is inspiring to those around her. 

Brooke has been involved in Student Government, National Honor Society, and other school-community groups. She is welcoming, kind, and thoughtful to students and staff, and a great ambassador of our school within the community.