Student of the Month


Fourth Grader Ada Wetherbee is the Elementary Student of the Month for February! Ada pushes herself to be her best in and out of the classroom. Ada’s enthusiasm for thinking and learning energizes other students working with her. Recently, Ada, on her own, decided to help the first graders by writing a narrative about the class mascot, a Golden Uni-Goat, named Hans. She reached out to the first-grade teacher to ask what the first graders were learning and revised her writing to help connect to the students. The first graders will soon begin their projects studying ancestors so Ada’s narrative will be told from the mascot’s point of view, sharing all that Hans knows about one of his ancestors. Her creative writing will help introduce the project to the class. She is beaming with excitement to see the first graders’ faces when they hear the story.

Ada’s teacher shared that Ada has “responsibly reached out to me to discuss the ways in which she can demonstrate patience with her fellow peers. That instance right there shows SO MUCH responsibility and maturity, as she is continuing to self-reflect. She is high academically and pushes herself day in and day out.” 

Ada’s thoughtfulness helps her reflect on her own actions and the actions of others. This enables her to be a strong, positive leader in the classroom. Ada shows integrity in all that she does. She takes responsibility for her actions, sincerely apologizes when necessary, and models this behavior for so many other students in the school.

Academic excellence is a priority for Ada as she strives for growth and knowledge. She transfers and applies her knowledge in every aspect of her life. If given the opportunity, play a board game with Ada. Her quick wit and grace will be apparent and you’ll glimpse the amazing young woman she will become.

Middle School

Owen Hester is the middle school student of the month.  He is responsible, timely, works to his best ability and maintains a high standard in his academic work.  

Owen is a hard worker that always treats his classmates with respect. His perseverance results in being a reliable student in the classroom. In addition, he is trustworthy and always seeks to do the right thing.  Owen tries his best to complete his assignments accurately and in a timely manner. Owen also volunteers information when we have discussions and will actively research topics we are studying.

High School

Gavino Martinelli is the high school student of the month.  Outside of class, Gavino is a great human being. He is kind, friendly, and funny. 

Gavino shows what it means to be a good student, and not just academically. In my class alone, his personality shines and it's contagious. He is able to complete his work and motivate his classmates to do the same. He sets up personal challenges and he overcomes them. 

Gavino is always willing to help those around him. He also strives to do his best and is willing to re-do things to earn more points.

Gavino has taken on acting this year and has quickly become an integral part of the theater program. He is honest, patient and encouraging to his peers. He can be counted on to complete his responsibilities with a calm, "no-fuss" attitude.