Student of the Month


I am excited to congratulate Patrick as our Elementary Student of the Month.  Patrick enters the building every day with a positive attitude, ready to learn.  In class, Patrick is not only an eager participant, but he is also an active listener and observer.  He is detail-oriented, and this contributes to his success as a learner.  Patrick takes pride in all that he does – from walking down the hallway responsibly to completing academic tasks.  He is compassionate with his classmates, which helps him stand out as a role model to his peers.  Congratulations, Patrick!  I know you will continue to model your Wildcat Pride!

Middle School

It is my pleasure to introduce the middle school student of the month, Desi Wetherbee. Desi is an outstanding student academically. She consistently raises the level of classroom discussions with her thoughtful comments and text-based analysis. Another component that makes Desi stand out is her self-discipline and ability to persevere through a difficult task. She effectively utilizes the organizational helps and classroom notes to assist her when completing assignments. When asking for additional help, the teacher can be assured that she has reviewed those helps and notes prior to her request. She is a self-disciplined student, capable of managing her workload, working independently when required, and is understanding of the fact that at times she will need to wait for assistance based on the needs of classmates. During her wait, she will move on to another part of the assignment, making the most of her time in class. She is a remarkable, dedicated student and is more than deserving of this award. Desi’s commitment to academic excellence is to be commended.  

High School

I am very proud to introduce Lillian Brown as the High School Student of the Month.  Lillian always greets students and staff with a “good morning” and a smile.  In addition to her friendly demeanor, Lillian consistently demonstrates academic excellence in her classes, actively participates in class discussions, and is willing to help others.   I have had the pleasure to work with Lillian in several different social studies classes over the years and she is always inquisitive and searches for the most accurate answer or solution.  Most recently, as a member of the Northport Student Government Lillian stepped up by helping to create “Get out the Vote” activities and bulletin boards.  In addition to her schoolwork, Lillian is also a star player on the Varsity North Bay Volleyball team as an outside hitter.  Way to go, Lillian, keep up the good work!