Student of the Month


Declan Draper has been chosen as the elementary student of the month. Declan is has a strong work ethic and continually produces quality work in all areas. Declan is a leader amongst his peers. He offers to help others when they need help. He shows friendship and kindness to all of his classmates. He is eager to learn new things. Declan did a great job while we were remote. He completed all his assessments and added some humor to his videos that made me laugh when he turned them in online. Declan does well on his class assessments to reinforce that he is a strong student that likes to learn. I am very proud to present Declan Draper as the Elementary Student of the month. 

Middle School

In my interactions with Urijah TwoCrow, I have found that in the past month he has been pushing himself to maintain a focused, productive mindset. This has allowed him to grow both as a student and a young man. 

One area Urijah has increased his performance is in the classroom. His desire for growth is not isolated to a particular area, but in every subject he is currently enrolled in. This also extends to his extracurricular involvement, as he currently participates on a club soccer team after school. 

Although his overall performance is impressive, it is the little acts that add up that can ultimately make a difference. Urijah TwoCrow, congratulations on being the April Student of the Month! 

High School

Marisol Bahena has been chosen by her teachers to receive the honor of April Student of the Month. Marisol began the year as a new student at Northport Public School. Marisol politely advocates for herself when she has a question. She is always kind and supportive of her classmates. She stays on task even when nobody is looking. During remote learning, Marisol continued to progress with her music. She attended classes regularly, but more important than that, she gave 100% effort each day. Mrs. Lint expressed that Marisol uses every minute of every class to complete assignments and further her knowledge in Math. Marisol is kind and respectful of her classmates and she truly enjoys the casual conversations they have together. She is always involved in asking great questions during class and remote learning and has a natural scientific way of thinking and is a natural problem solver. For all of these reasons and more, Marisol Bahena is Northport High School Student of the Month.