Student of the Month


Hazel Wetherbee has been chosen as our Elementary Student of the Month for March. Hazel has thrived in both at-home learning and in the classroom this school year. She is a hard worker and is excelling with academic challenges. Hazel has participated in book clubs as additional enrichment in the classroom as well as individual tutoring in advanced math skills and concepts in the classroom. The other students look up to Hazel. She sets an example of exemplar behavior, academic rigor, and most importantly, having a kind soul to those around her. An example of her kindness to others is: Hazel writes "Shoutouts" (compliments) to her classmates almost daily. Hazel has worked hard all year and is very deserving of the Student of the Month recognition. Congratulations, Hazel! 

Middle School

Winona Raphael is the April Middle School Student of the Month for several very important reasons. First, she is respectful of her environment, resources, and the people she interacts with every day. She also possesses skills that support her success within the learning environment. For the past year, like many students across the country, Winona has been a virtual learner. During that time, she has made a conscientious effort to develop self-advocacy skills. Utilizing the tools and opportunities available to her throughout her time as a remote student, including meeting with teachers to improve her understanding of content long after most students had ended their day, is a definite strength for Winona. She is eager to learn and works hard to keep improving. Lastly, what is notable is that Winona comes prepared to learn, is focused when learning, and has continued to improve her academic skills, despite the many challenges she faced this year. She sets a wonderful example of perseverance and grit for other students in our district and can be very proud of her efforts. 

High School

Emily Reynolds is the high school student of the month at Northport Public School. Of all her areas of strength that she possesses, her academic performance may be the most outwardly recognizable. Any teacher that has had Emily in class can tell you that she consistently produces high-quality work. She is currently maintaining a 4.0 in her high school courses and is also dual-enrolled at Northwest Michigan College and is maintaining a 3.25 in her collegiate courses. On top of being intellectual, Emily is also very dependable. In addition to her academics, she is an active participant in National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, North Bay Volleyball, North Bay Soccer, Student Government, and Youth Advisory Council. Emily is also genuine. This is largely because she cares about people. Her heart is pure and her actions support this. This can be seen in how she interacts with others. The combination of intelligence, dependability, and genuineness allows Emily Reynolds to stand out as a strong student and overall person.