Student of the Month


I have nominated Savannah Potes for the elementary student of the month. Savannah has transitioned into kindergarten wonderfully. She works hard on all her assignments. She puts effort into doing her personal best. If she does not know something, she asking questions that will help her solve the problem. Savannah follows the classroom rules and routines. She sets a good example for her classmates. She is kind and helpful. I am very proud of Savannah. Thank you for doing a great job in kindergarten Savannah!

Middle School

Riley Sahs has been selected for October’s Middle School Student of the Month.  Riley is new to the middle school, but it is clear he is not new to successfully navigating the requirements and responsibilities of a top-notch student.  In Crew meetings he excels at problem-solving and strategies, is calm under challenging circumstances.  In class discussions, Riley expresses his understanding through carefully thought-out responses and is able to select evidence that supports his analysis and ideas.  His abilities are an asset to our classrooms.

Riley has a great sense of humor.  He is able to balance friendships, work ethic, and hobbies all at the same time.  He is a good friend to his peers and excels in his classwork. In World Geography and often contributes to discussions by sharing geography topics he has watched, read about, or personally experienced.  Riley is attentive and responsible. He takes pride in his work and often assists the teacher and his fellow students when he has completed his tasks.  

High School

Lillian is excelling in Psychology this year and has the unique ability to easily apply the concepts and methods taught to real-life scenarios.  Lillian is a leader in her class and is gaining confidence when discussing and defending her point of view.  Lillian Brown sees the "big picture" with her school work, friendships, and future life plans.  She is a leader in the classroom, on her sports teams, and in the extracurricular clubs, she is a part of.  Furthermore, she presents herself professionally in all tasks she is asked to complete, all while being well-spoken and goal-driven. This year she has demonstrated leadership in student government, homecoming week events, and float building.