Student of the Month


Savannah Potes is an exceptional student in second grade. She exhibits our classroom habits of character and the Northport Student Portrait Values every day. 

Savannah is an ethical student. She is honest and shows integrity. Savannah is kind to everyone she interacts with, and is always willing to help a friend in need. Savannah is a role-model in our classroom in all aspects of school; social/emotional skills and academics. 

Savannah is inquisitive and a critical thinker. She listens thoughtfully and asks questions when she does not understand. She analyzes her reasoning, and explains her thought processes to others. Savannah is a diligent worker, and takes initiative to help others around her understand big concepts. When presented with a challenge, she perseveres through it with enthusiasm. Savannah is goal-oriented, and focuses on the task at hand.  

Savannah is always respectful and responsible. She is considerate of others, and leads by example. She shows compassion and collaboration each day in all academic and social situations. She is truly a model student in our school. Congratulations, Savannah! 



There are various ways to describe a good student. Some common characteristics are hardworking, thorough, articulate, and someone who participates and completes their work on time resulting in high grades. 
But what about those who go above and beyond these traits? I then conjure up descriptive words that express an incredible student, such as: compassionate, selfless, putting others first, and empathetic.
If an ideal student is someone who spends their time supporting other students and works to make a difference in their school, leads by example, and takes care of all the responsibilities for their own work and actions, then I quite honestly believe that Mackenzie Scott is the most deserving student for this award.
In fact, when I look at all of our Habits of Character that we as a Crew have been striving to foster, Mackenzie embodies these to a T, all the while balancing her social/academic life. In addition to this, she is acutely aware of her peer’s social and emotional needs and kindly and discreetly takes cares of those around her. She has mastered the art of sticking up for what is right time and time again.