Student of the Month


Savannah Potes is an exceptional first-grader. She consistently exhibits all the habits of character expected of a Northport student. Savannah is ethical and responsible. She does the right thing even though it might not always be very fun. Savannah is honest, sharing openly when she doesn’t understand something. Savannah produces high-quality work and deep thinking. She does what is expected, persevering when problems are difficult and then challenging herself to do more. She is respectful and helpful. She helps her classmates but has learned to give hints and support, rather than just giving answers. On the playground, in the classroom, and her specials classes, Savannah is inclusive of everyone. She notices when students are playing alone and invites them to play. Savannah is an exemplary first-grade student. Congratulations, Savannah!


It is with great satisfaction to announce Cora Speer as the Secondary Student of the Month. Cora is in the 9th grade and is both a scholar and an athlete, actively participating in both National Honor Society and Varsity basketball currently.  She does all this while taking pride in her daily coursework at school and maintaining a high GPA.  She is a respectful and dedicated student who shows determination in reaching her goals.  

Recently in one class, a teacher remarked how Cora completed a project assignment before the holiday break, even though the rest of the class was told it could wait until the new year. This is one example of how she is a goal-oriented student and never needs reminders to get things done. She is one of the most responsible students in the building with completing assignments in a timely manner and at a high level. All her teachers speak highly of her, with one saying she is “responsible for herself in class, is kind and respectful. She pushes herself to understand the material and shows a love for learning.” Congratulations, Cora!