Student of the Month


Song Turja has been chosen as our Elementary Student of the Month for April. She is a very focused learner and always does her best work. Song steps up to the challenge when given enrichment work in class. She participates in our discussions and is very insightful when speaking out. Song is a strong and independent individual, but always looks out for others. She has a sweet and kind heart, is enthusiastic in the classroom, and always has a positive attitude! Congratulations, Song.

Middle School

I’m delighted to support Josh Somero as student of the month.  Josh’s yearlong A average in American History is the result of his conscientious attention to detail, his cooperative attitude, and his penetrating analytical mind.  Time and time again this year, I’ve put a challenging question on the floor only to see a single hand raised in response (I’m thinking of asking Mr. V if Josh might get phys. ed. credit for all his arm-raising reps).  Then, when Josh answers, I have learned to expect an insightful, in-depth response highlighting Josh’s considerable intellect.

While Josh’s ability as a student is enough, on its own, to earn my Student-of-the-Month endorsement, there is more.  During this year’s middle-school play, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Josh volunteered to fill the role of sound engineer.   This is a position of considerable responsibility, usually requiring hours of coaching from an adult mentor.  In Josh’s case, it took seconds.  Once the equipment was in his hands, Josh took full responsibility for the setup and operation of a dozen wireless microphones, the operation of the sound board, and all the sound cues for the play.  So how did he handle this responsibility without adult assistance?  No need to ask – it was Josh.           

Mr. ‘Bee

High School

Lilian is a blooming leader that deserves to be recognized for not only what she has done, but what she has the potential to accomplish.

Throughout the year she has performed at a high level in every class and activity she has been involved in. She participated on the Varsity Volleyball team in the fall and currently is playing on the North Bay Girls Varsity Soccer team. In the beginning of year, she was a co-anchor for the Northport Wildcat Report weekly news. On top of this, she recently participated with the National Honor Society to help clean-up local beaches. In her classes, Lillian has maintained a 3.92 GPA, which ranks her the top overall academic performer in her grade

Lillian has grown both physically and in her performance this year. The combination of her extracurricular involvement academic success allows her to stand as a one of the future leaders we have in our school. As she continues her high school career, there will be more academic and athletic challenges presented to her. I know she will continue to meet or exceed expectations in these pursuits and I look forward to her senior year when we, as a Northport Community, can look back at everything she will have achieved.