Student of the Month


Charlie Hale has been an exemplary first-grade student this fall. Charlie always does his best work and responds positively to any feedback given to improve his work. Charlie likes to be challenged and to solve problems. His solutions are thoughtful and he can clearly explain how and why he came up with a solution. While Charlie needs to be challenged, there are times where Charlie needs to show great patience with his classmates who may not have learned yet some of what he knows. He is patient, kind, and empathetic in these situations, gently guiding his partner or group. Charlie is a role model in first grade and I can’t wait to see all he will accomplish in the months to come!

Middle School

Dean is extremely thoughtful and constantly strives to do his best. He not only excels academically, but he is kind to his peers and leads by example. He is also extremely funny, and I am a strong believer that the funniest people in this world are geniuses. To truly create a good joke, one needs to know the world around them, be up to date on current events as well as historical timelines, be quick and on their toes, and be able to make others laugh without being inappropriate. Dean is capable of this each and every day. He is an all-around incredible kid and a leader in our school.

High School

Who runs every single fundraiser and class meeting, takes the slack of her fellow classmates without complaining, is always twenty steps ahead of the deadline, is kind to her peers, thoughtful, and always thinking about those around her and how to better herself? Lindsey Somero is who. She inspires me each and every day to be a better person myself. I am lucky and fortunate to work with her and learn from her just as much as she learns from me. Lindsey is an inspiration. She is a great kid, a wonderful student, a dependable friend, and an honest person.