Student of the Month


Jay was chosen as the student of the month for his admirable leadership skills here at Northport Public School. Jay has been the biggest AND brightest ray of sunshine since he started in January. He demonstrates integrity, patience, respect, and kindness on a daily basis with his fellow classmates. He is fair and helpful to the entire elementary school. Jay is honest, polite, trustworthy, and an amazing role model for others. His positive attitude and smile are contagious, and we are so proud of the role model he is for others. Congratulations Jay!

Middle School

Owen has been on the honor roll the entire year.  He has represented Northport well on both the soccer field and the basketball court. Owen is engaged throughout the class in both English and Drama. He demonstrates that by asking questions, seeking answers and monitoring his own success.  When working with a group or individually, Owen completes thoughtful work, often giving insightful observations about what we are discussing.  He regularly connects the current topic to something we learned previously in English, or to something he learned in another subject.  His ability to take constructive critique with a positive attitude is a significant part of his success, and he always gives his best effort. Along with his academic success, I appreciate how Owen speaks to and works with partners in my class.  He definitely has worked hard to earn this award

High School

Emily has shown admirable growth in both her   academic performance and school leadership this year. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Youth Advisory Council, and Yearbook Staff. She is one of  only two three-sport athletes in our school, participating in volleyball, basketball, and soccer.  In addition to her extracurricular experiences, Emily has carried a 3.5 GPA or above the entire ‘18-’19 year. In PE/Health she was voted as a class captain by her peers and continues to provide insight to support class decisions and discussions. In the beginning of the year, Supt. Wetherbee challenged the underclassman to step up and build a new era for Northport Public School. Emily has made great strides in becoming a key player in this growth and I am proud to recognize her in front of the Northport Board of Education, Staff, and Student Body.