Student of the Month


Declan Draper is an admirable student in second grade. He exhibits exceptional habits of character and the Northport Student Portrait Values every day. He is an ethical student. He does what he knows to be right, and stands up for what is right. With kindness and care, he holds others accountable to do the right thing as well.  He is inquisitive and a critical thinker. He listens thoughtfully and asks questions when he does not understand. Declan is a diligent worker, and strives to help others around him understand big concepts. When presented with a challenge, he perseveres through it with enthusiasm. Declan is goal-oriented, and focuses on the task at hand. Declan is always respectful and responsible. He is considerate of others, and leads by  example. He shows compassion and initiative each day in all academic and social situations. He is truly a model student in our school. 

Congratulations, Declan!



Lele Raphael is the secondary student of the month.

Lele is responsible. 

Each day she comes to class and begins to practice her flute before class officially starts. She learns her part to the best of her ability for both her benefit and also for the good of the group. 

Lele is goal-oriented.

She recently volunteered to take part in a Memorial Day event in Northport called “Rolling Taps”. Lele has been working diligently in order to learn how to play Taps in addition to her regular band music. 

Lele values learning and recognizes that academic success leads to her future success as an adult. 

She is inclusive of other students, especially new students, and respectfully stands up to others demonstrating unkind or bullying behavior. Lele is thoughtful of how her behavior impacts others. 

Lele is inquisitive.

She eagerly asks for clarification when she doesn’t fully understand a concept during music class.

Lele is respectful.

She demonstrates active listening and she is polite to both her peers and to her teachers. 

Lele is ethical.

Lele is a critical thinker.