Student of the Month


Hazel Wetherbee is an exceptional and outstanding student at Northport Public Schools. Hazel is kind to everyone, helpful, collaborates respectfully and shows self-control. She gives 100% of her best effort consistently and produces high-quality work each day. She has scored above grade level in all of her NWEA tests (reading, language, math), and is not afraid of a challenge. Hazel is a role model in our classroom, and I am privileged to be able to work with her each day.

Middle School

I am pleased to nominate Maisie Cain as the December Middle School Student of the Month.  I have had the opportunity to interact with Maisie in World Geography and she has proven herself to be an excellent student that advocates for her own learning.  Maisie continues to develop as a writer, and she has demonstrated her ability to communicate effectively in both Language Arts and Social Studies.  Maisie is constantly trying to improve her academic performance.  Her competitive spirit is also evident when she represents her community as a middle school athlete.  This semester Maisie has maintained her high academic standards while participating in travel soccer, middle school volleyball, and middle school basketball.  Maisie Cain has the drive to succeed and is willing to put in the hard work to make her goals and desires become realities.  Congratulations Maisie!

High School

Northport’s Secondary Student of the Month is ninth-grader Aydan Pino.  The reasons for Aydan’s selection are many; he is one of Northport’s most well-rounded students, showing interest in almost everything from Algebra to Zoology (or almost any other letter you can think of), and he is one of our most academically gifted.

As Mr. Stowe points out, Aydan is not only an academic powerhouse, he is also always socially and behaviorally appropriate.  This social awareness also manifests itself as Aydan’s willingness to work with and help others, whether academically or in Phys. Ed., where he was elected class captain by his peers.

To quote Ms. Burks, “Aydan gets to work immediately when he enters a room and works right up to the end of the hour.  He never says ‘I can’t’ or makes excuses; instead, he gives everything 100 percent of his attention and commitment.”

Finally, Mr. 'Bee, who teaches Aydan in both Physical Science and Algebra, enjoys watching Aydan’s expression whenever a challenging problem is presented.  “I really think that Aydan’s enthusiasm is directly proportional to the difficulty of the problem he’s working on.  If Aydan were asked to prove Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, it’s very possible that he would explode with happiness!”

So there, in a nutshell, is Aydan Pino, a student for all seasons who happens to be our final Secondary Student of the Month for the first decade of the century.