Student of the Month


Taryn is a kind, responsible student.  She is a quiet leader to her classmates with all of their daily routines.  Taryn is also an active learner.  She is an eager participant, which is evident in her academic growth in both reading and math.  During unstructured activities Taryn shares and collaborates well with her peers.  She is respectful of others, including adults and peers.  Congratulations, Taryn, on your hard work and positive attitude

Middle School

Dean is the epitome of a super student in my class.  He chose to play the oboe in band class knowing that it was a difficult instrument for a beginner to learn.  Dean was up for the challenge.  He understands that perfecting a skill takes patience, hard work, determination, and dedication.  Dean takes his oboe home almost every evening to practice his parts so that he can become a better musician both for his personal benefit and also for the good of the entire band.  Dean does his very best each and every day to follow the classroom band rules.  When band is over, he willingly stays after to make sure that the stands are properly put away.  He is respected by his classmates.  His gentle conversational style is very effective when he communicates with both adults and students.  Dean has a solid A in band class and he has A’s in all of his other classes.  Dean is without a doubt, an exceptional example of a middle school student who is on the path to success. 

High School

Throughout the year, Liam has proven himself a leader in both the classroom and on the field.  Liam was a captain of the North Bay Varsity Soccer Team and has also been the recipient of numerous academic and leadership awards.  In addition to successfully pursuing the graduation requirements of Northport Pubic School, Liam has challenged himself by enrolling in an online Advanced Placement Psychology course.  I have had the pleasure of working with Liam this year on his Psychology studies and he has exceeded my expectations.  In addition to focusing on his own success, Liam has found a degree of comfort in helping others.  Liam currently serves his school and community in many ways. His leadership roles include Senior Class Vice President, National Art Honor Society Vice President, and National Honor Society Vice President and Treasurer.  Liam is also a member of the Youth Advisory Council and Student Government.  For the reasons mentioned above, and many more, I proudly nominate Liam Thelander as the Northport Public School High School Student of the Month.