Student of the Month


Song is a role model student!  She comes to school every day with a positive attitude.  Song takes pride in her work, and she is always focused on the task at hand.  In addition, Song is always willing to help others, and she is a supportive friend to her classmates.  Song demonstrates the core values of Safety, Respect, and Responsibility every single day!

Middle School

Nicholas Shiner consistently delivers high-quality, creative work in English that demonstrates both his understanding of a topic or skill and his engagement with the learning process.  He cares deeply about his studies and works to overcome his deficits.  Nicholas' strength of character has also been observed in action several times this year. When faced with a situation in which he was in the wrong, or not prepared for a learning moment, he shouldered his responsibility and accepted the consequences of his actions maturely.

High School

Liam Thelander consistently elevates the level of classroom discussion in the sciences.  Liam is a thoughtful problem solver who academically pushes his classmates.  He also frequently volunteers to help others.  Liam has made NPHS a more rigorous place to learn.