October Student’s of the Month


Hazel is a great student.  She works hard in all areas academically.  She is also a leader in the class.  She leads by example. She doesn’t not tell other students what to do, but you can find them looking to her, to find out what they should be doing.  She embodies the Wildcats Pride guidelines of Be safe, Be responsible, Be respectful.  When the teacher is teaching, she is engaged in learning.  She focuses on the teachers and does not get distracted.  She is always prepared to supply an answer.

Middle School

Devin is kind, courteous, and respectful. He is always prepared for class.  He is eager to learn all he can about the trombone in order to become a better musician which will benefit both him and his colleagues in the band.  He is a wonderful role model for Northport students.

High School

Lillian takes responsibility of her actions.  She is a hard worker and gets down to business when she is at school.  She follows the school rules and is a leader to her peers.  Lillian is disciplined and follows strict time tables for study and instruction in her day to day life; she is sharp and witty and uses this humor to create a positive and enriching environment among her peers within the classroom setting.  Lillian is always the first person to offer to go the extra mile and spends an enormous amount of energy aiming to be an incredible student.